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About Sikh Comics (Gyan Khand Media)

We at Gyan Khand Media hope that you and your family would enjoy our comic books. Please remember to provide us feedback so that we may continue to improve our offerings and our service to you.

We started Gyan Khand Media because we feel there is serious void of ignorance in this world about the Sikhs and Sikhism. Not many are aware about our beautiful philosophy and values, our history of sacrifices and seva, and our ceaseless struggle against oppression. Under the Sikh Comics project, we are publishing inspiring and authentic Sikh stories illustrated in color comic books. These books are not only appropriate for kids but also great lessons in various facets of Sikh history for adults.


"Make Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji's Katha readily available to Sangat around the globe""

Gurbani Updesh is a non-profit organization located in Fremont, California. The organization is working with world renowned Katha Vachak Giani Thakur Singh Ji Patialewale to provide Katha of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and Katha Suraj Prakash Granth. Other projects with katha of Varaan Bhai Gurdaas Ji, Rehat Naama, Sehaj Paath with Sudh Santheya and Dassam Granth will follow. Read more ...

Media Distribution

Our goal is to spread the katha in every corner of the world, specially to the folks who don't have access to the Internet. In the near future, depending upon our financial streghth, we envision to offer free MP3 players to the indiviuals who are financially uncapable of acquiring one. All of us together, as a Guru Ji's family, can spread this parachar open hearted, openly in worldwide. Let's not leave any corner of the world where katha is not available.

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